How to plan Trip to Jakarta

Jakarta is a metropolis city in Indonesia, and known as modernized city compared to other city in Indonesia. Having Trip to Jakarta will give you sensation of living in Southeast Asian country. Most ofcity in Southeast Asia have relaxed and slow atmosphere. Even so, Jakarta is very busy city and traffic jam everywhere. Even so, it will give you new sensation of feeling typical Southeast Asian life but with still modernized atmosphere. Therefore, if you plan to come to Jakarta, there are several things you need to plan beforehand. Moreover, what is your destination trip to Jakarta?If you want to enjoy shopping, then you can come to city center which near to Mall or even come to biggest cloth city in Southeast Asia, namely Tanah Abang market. If you want to explore traditional and cultural side of Jakarta, you can come to place which offers traditional sensation like TMII (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah), Jakarta Old City, and so on. For more detail, here are some tips in arranging your journey to Jakarta.

  1. Shopping Places

Jakarta has many malls spread in all over city like Pondok Indah Mall, Senayan Plaza, Grand Indonesia, and Pacific Place and so on. Rather than visiting mall, you can also visit traditional market. There you will experience the living of Jakarta people, and interact with them directly especially by bargaining. In Jakarta, there are some markets which offer low prices compared to mall prices, those are like PasarBaru (New Market), Tanah Abang Market, Block M Square, Jatinegara Market, and ITC Cempaka Mas. Most of those market sold brand new outfit with special prices. If you buy more outfits in large number, you will get more special prices from the seller. Moreover, Tanah Abang Market, like we mentioned before, is the biggest market in Southeast Asia, offers high quality outfit with low price, and become the export and import market in Jakarta.

  1. Seeking for Paradise

You can have amazing trip to Jakarta by visiting some of paradise like places. In Indonesia, Bali and Lombok are the most known place to have beautiful beaches and offers paradise like holiday. Even so, Jakarta also have some paradise places to enjoy too. The place is known as Thousands Islands, which is located in North area of Jakarta. From Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, you can come to the port by bus or travel, and then cross the sea with boat. Similar to it name, thousand islands have many island which have different charm. The most known islands there are UntungJawa Island, Lancang Island, Tidung Island, Pramuka Island and so on.

Besides those destinations, Jakarta has other destination place. If you want to explore cultures of Jakarta and Indonesia, you can come to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. There, they offers amusement garden with traditional house of Indonesia and miniature of this country. You can learn all about Indonesian culture only in one place. This place also offers amusement ride and pool if you want to besides offering cultural heritage. Jakarta is also known as culinary center. You can enjoy from Indonesian traditional food, Asian style food, until Western food in this city.

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