Welk Timeshare Participants Can Choose from Many Desirable Properties

Some families enjoy heading somewhere different on vacation every year, while others travel to the same destination without fail. Most fail somewhere in the middle, appreciating both the ability to experience entirely new places and to revisit familiar ones that have a lot to offer. Whatever a given family’s take on vacations, a Welk Timeshare can end up being a sound investment.

Owners Can Choose Among an Impressive Selection of Welk-Operated Resorts

Welk is a well known company that currently operates six resorts, with several more in the planning stages. The company’s active properties at the moment are located in:

  • Baja California. The southern tip of the peninsula that stretches so far south of the state of California is a place of great beauty and the perfect setting for a resort.
  • San Diego. A bit to the north and within the borders of the United States, San Diego is famed for its beautiful beaches, appealing climate, and relaxed pace of life.
  • Palm Springs. Lying in some of California’s most dramatic inland desert, Palm Springs has been a top vacation destination for many years.
  • Lake Tahoe. An enabler of world-class recreation year round, the Lake Tahoe area is home to two highly regarded Welk resorts.
  • Branson. The city of Branson, Missouri, has become a consistent focal point for families seeking a fun place to spend their free time in the summer.

A System Designed to Accommodate Every Possible Preference

Many families will find that spending time in the six resorts spread across these five locations will satisfy them for quite a few years. Even those who prefer to experience something new with every trip will not need to worry about becoming bored right away.

On the other hand, becoming a timeshare owner in the Welk program also opens up hundreds of other opportunities. Thanks to agreements it has entered into with other resort companies, Welk allows its timeshare owners to exchange their own annual rights for time at properties all around the world.

As a result, every possible take on what a vacation should be can easily be satisfied under this system. This combination of built-in flexibility with an appealing selection of Welk-owned properties has helped make the program especially popular.